Kids Thanksgiving Contest Giveaway

2nd Annual


  • Theme: "Recipe For Gratitude"

  • Rules: Parents, have your child (or children) create a "recipe" for being grateful. (i.e. How people can be grateful to others, for others, and for the things they have in life.) 

  • Requirements: Ingredients, Measurements, and Instructions

  • Submission: Email recipes to 


*This should be a fun & creative way to express what's needed (a recipe) to have gratitude. There is no right or wrong template as their recipe can be in any look or format they (or you 😉) want to make it. Just ensure the three requirements are present anywhere within the recipe. See Bailey's very own example recipe here as an idea. We are very proud of her as we didn't think she'd be able to focus enough to do it, but guess the reward of a treat was all that was needed... must be the terrier in her. 🐕

Back of kids shirt.jpg

Personalized Kids T-Shirt

Your child will have the choice of any design t-shirt* from the owner shop. If they prefer, they can select to have their dog's name included within a paw print on the back.

Personalized Apparel - Luna.jpg

Personalized Dog T-Shirt

Your child will also get to select any design t-shirt for their dog.* Shirt will be personalized with their dog's name on the front. 



We will recognize the winner via our website and social pages.**

Photo: Charli, 2021 winner

* Should you not own a dog, your child can select a kids sweatshirt in place of the two shirts.

** Parents, please note you can elect whether your child is highlighted via our website, social pages, or both.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Submissions are due by Wednesday, November 23, 2022

  2. The winner will be selected and notified on Wednesday, December 7, 2022

  3. Children must be 12 years or younger to be eligible​

  4. No purchase necessary

  5. By submitting your child's recipe, you are agreeing to the official terms and conditions of this giveaway

  6. By submitting your child's recipe, you are acknowledging that this giveaway is intended to be fun, creative, and a way for your child to think about gratitude to/for others, animals, and/or things.

A Note From Us

We want to thank both you, and more importantly, your child (children) for taking the time to create and submit their "Recipe for Gratitude." We believe this is a fun way for the Bills Pawfia community, yourself, and your kids to share their thoughts around the Thanksgiving holiday while participating in our annual kids giveaway. We look forward to the entries and can't wait to read all the fun recipes... it's surely meaningful to us.

Thank you,

Joelle, Brian, and of course Bailey 🐕