About Us

My husband and I share an avid love and passion for our sports teams and our amazing dog, Bailey. If you’re reading this, you can probably relate. 


The idea for the Bills Pawfia came to us during the “stay-at-home” 2020 NFL season. In reality, the Bills Pawfia began when you brought your pets home and made them a part of your family... which obviously makes all of our pets automatic Bills fans. 

Our goal with the Pawfia is to give back to the city by creating a brand specifically for our four-legged family. We want to strengthen the community and bring fun apparel and accessories that only you (the best fans on earth) will appreciate. Some of you may already refer to your pets as the Pawfia and that’s what makes this so special. We believe a family already exists and we’re excited to share in bringing everybody together.

Born and raised in Buffalo, my love for the city (maybe with the exception of the cold winters 😉) and the Bills will always be a part of me. Although my life’s journey brought me west to Los Angeles, I’ve come to learn something about Bills fans… our presence is strong everywhere. 

Nobody circles the wagons better.


Our Purpose

We believe in strengthening the community through two shared passions… our team and our pets. We help bridge the love for each through our interactive member community and our specialty products.


Our Mission

We understand the Bills Pawfia is a link between the most passionate fans in football and their loyal pets. We are dedicated to bridging the two by building a “family” within the community, recognizing the community, and giving back to the community. You and your pets are at the core of everything we do. You and your pets are the Pawfia and together we are Pawfia Strong.