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Apparel Size Guide

We offer 10 different sizes because bucketing all dogs into just five simply doesn't cover it.


Our shirts and hoodies have a nice form fit for all breeds as they stretch to any part of the body your pooch may need them to. Your dog deserves to be comfortable in their apparel and we're confident we can provide you a nice fitting shirt or hoodie.

Please follow the below steps to find the right fit.

*Model Image

Chance is wearing a 6X hoodie. He has a girth of 32" (5X-6X), a length of 28" (6X), and a neck of 21" (5X). His medium measurement is 6X.


1. Measure the following:

Shirt & Hoodie Measure Guide.gif

Length: Measure from beginning of neckline to the point on their back directly above where their stomach and inside legs meet. Do not measure beyond back legs.

2. Reference Chart

Pawfia Shirt & Hoodie Size Guide.png

3. Determine Best Size

Because our furry friends come in various breeds, your dog may fall in between certain measurements. 

Our recommendation is to match your measurements in the following order:

1. Length  2. Girth  3. Neck   4. Weight

Find the medium by pairing any in-between size with an exact size. If you're still in-between sizes, we recommend the smaller size.


Bailey has a length of 13" (between M & L), a girth of 19" (between L & XL), and a neck of 12" (L). Her medium measurement is L.

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